City of Melbourne Christmas

Innovating the future of Christmas design


Bringing the next generation of branding and large-scale Christmas directions to the City centre was at the heart of The City Of Melbourne’s need to engage BEST. to revitalise the Christmas spirit along the Yarra River.


The Client.

Commissioning BEST’s brand management services to design and manufacture all the oversized ornamental Christmas decorations that are hung over the Yarra River. Part of the approach that BEST. took with this large-scale project was to think about how the future years can benefit from the way we innovate in the first year.


The Approach.

The project included detailed design and documentation to ensure that public safety and longevity was at the heart of what was proposed.

BEST’s creative and strategic approach culminated in the creation of a giant mistletoe strategically positioned over the Yarra Walk Bridge and a larger than life advent calendar that reveals each day’s Christmas countdown messages via a huge integrated LED screen.



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