Fowles Winery

A family-owned winery is one of the doyenne’s of the food and wine industry of the Strathbogie Ranges


Fowles Wine has become a household name with its beautifully crafted wines and popular branding and design such as Ladies Who Shoot Their Lunch, a wine series created specifically to be paired with game food.

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The Client.

In 2018 BEST began working with Fowles Wine alongside a number of co-lab partners including Cactus Architecture and Phillip Johnson Landscape. There started the design process for a complete redevelopment of the former site into a new restaurant, cellar door, wine tasting room, function room and farm store. 

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The Approach.

Under the project direction of owner and operator Matt Fowles, BEST delivered experience concept ideation, interior design and integrated signage concept design along with construction documentation and schedules. This was then expertly picked up by interior stylist Jay Philips and along with the outstanding construction team of Grant Hately who bought the visions to life.

The outcomes were incredible as they worked to craft the site to a flawless localised undertaking, accessing materials from near and far with a true Strathbogie Ranges look and feel in what has become a world-class venue.

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