Grinders Brisbane

A new coffee experience for an iconic coffee brand


Working with a household name brand such as Grinders was an opportunity for us to walk the line between creating something new and exciting while still paying tribute to that which makes the Grinders brand iconic in the first place.


The Client.

Grinders represent the birthplace of what is now a way of life than a subculture in Australia. The relaunch of the famous original retail store in Melbourne’s Lygon Street and the introduction of and new expansion of the retail presence into the Queensland market was no small design undertaking with a brand legacy such as Grinders.


The Approach.

Our team went through a continual evolution of paring back and refining the way we wanted to capture the history of the brand in a new modern way. The two stores represent a footprint that is sure to grow and develop in the future, while continuing to bring forward the history that strengthens it and push through that which holds it back from a brighter future.



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