Rail Projects Victoria

Designing a new way to deliver key messages in a major hub


Located in a retail storefront in the heart of the Melbourne CBD, Metro Tunnel HQ is a community visitor and education centre for all Victorians to learn of the upcoming changes to Metro Rail, increasing understanding about its complexity and scale, economic benefits and design solutions.


The Client.

Tasked to communicate a complex message to a vast audience, the team at BEST. sought to design a space that could genuinely express this rail project’s depth and scale and communicate how it will affect the lives of hundreds of thousands of Victorians in both a fun and entertaining fashion.

The design approach was to take what could quickly become an ‘information overload’ of static imagery and information delivery into an engaging fun and interactive experience.


The Approach.

Augmented and virtual reality was integrated into the conceptual design bringing the project to life through gamification. From the animation of the brand to the technology in the space, the use of colour and the clean, modern take on design in the built environment, the overall outcome ticked all the boxes.

To the credit of the whole RPV team and the broader network of stakeholders, Best. was given a full scope of creative freedom to apply this technology in the HQ space ultimately creating a ‘first of kind’ approach to using technology within a government information hub.

In theory, it’s easy for us to say as a company ‘we always advocate for new’ however in practice that needs to be relevant, and deliver on what the clients want for the project. The Metro Tunnel HQ project is an excellent example of what happens where we as a company live by this principle and deliver the project on time and brief for the client in a very new and memorable way.



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