Property NSW

Creating a new approach for Government Property NSW


BEST. took on the task of creating a signage style guide that allows for consistent branding of all government buildings across NSW.


The Client.

Property NSW manage the State’s significant property portfolio. This encompasses the entities of the former Government Property NSW (GPNSW), the former Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority (SHFA), Teacher Housing Authority of NSW (THA) and Waste Assets Management Corporation (WAMC).

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The Approach.

The main purpose of the guide was to give the ability for the signage to outlive government changes, eliminating the need for updating signage when government departmental name changes happen. Our new style guide and approach to branding and signage cut a significant investment associated with change of government as well as the time involved with bringing new signage and fitting it into the actual space. Our willingness to really think outside of the square and then advocate for that in front of a panel resulted in an incredible cost reductive and aesthetic result for all.



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